October is up on us. That’s right, time for Halloween. The time of the year when everyone loses their inhibitions and concentrates on letting their inner child out. You go to all lengths to decorate your house or your workplace in the spookiest and scariest way possible. But there are times, when the results don’t match the efforts. Sometimes, we intend to make it look spooky or scary, but end up making it looks really weird. So let us look at some of the weirdest Halloween fails ever seen!

Spooky stockings? Really?


To be fair, the idea is really novel, albeit weird. But if you are doing something new, make sure you do it right. When you trying for scary stuff, you make the pentagram, not the Star of David. While you might not think it’s that big a deal, don’t forget that the Star of David is a Holy symbol while the Pentagram is considered Pagan.

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