Dolls, of any shape or size, seem to be ordinary and innocent toys for children. But Chucky has shown us some serious implications of considering dolls as ordinary playthings. However, he isn’t the only one ravaging innocent people’s lives out there. Here’s a list of other dolls that deliver quite the scare –

#1. Annabelle Sends “Miss Me” Notes To Her Previous Owner


Donna, a nursing student, and her roommate Angie were the first victims of the evil doll, Annabelle. Unaware of the doll’s bloody history, the girls kept it casually in their private chambers. One day, Angie’s boyfriend Lou, took the doll in his hands for examining it. All of a sudden, the doll grasped Lou’s throat and tried to strangle him. Later on, it was found out that the evil spirit of Annabel Higgins possessed the doll. Higgins was a seven year old who passed away in a car accident. The doll was promptly left at the Warrens’ museum, but the ordeal for Donna did not end there. Donna received several notes saying “Miss me?”

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