In this world, there are a lot of things that we cannot reason or explain. Do you recall that spooky feeling you got after finally tucking yourself in bed after watching a horror movie? Or, the “whoosh” sound you so frequently hear in the middle of the night? Have you, like me, experienced times when you suddenly wake up from sleep because you feel there’s someone standing next to you on the bed? Have you also seen, or appeared to see random shadows on the wall? The interesting part of thinking about the answers to these questions is… if you’ve felt things like these regularly, you may have psychic abilities that you’re unaware of. Those nearly real dreams, the feeling of being watched, random shadows… they may all be signs of your heightened psychic senses. Let’s see how many of the following signs do you recognize in you?

#1 Strange(r) Things


Remember the shadows we were talking about earlier? It’s possible that you may have brushed off those shadows as your vivid imagination still stuck in its childhood. But, as likely as it is for your imagination to be childish, it is also equally likely that what you saw, or the shadow you saw was of something ‘other’. In other words, maybe what you saw was paranormal.

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