Among the extraordinary talent of most tattoo artists, there are a few who stand out for the mind-blowingly different art that they create. One such artist is Veks Van Hillik, whose tattoos are truly one of a kind. His tattoos are on another level of surreal art, as he specializes in tattoos that transform and move with the way the body moves. Here are 12 of his creations, which have been executed in the hardest places on the body, the elbows and the knees, and that are different when the limb is folded, and when it is extended. He draws them freehand, to allow him to change the illusion, depending on how the tattoo comes along.

1. The All Seeing Sea Creature


At first sight, this one just looks like an ordinary octopus, when the arm is folded, but then you notice the large eye, and it speaks to being just a little bit more than that. But then the arm unfolds, and the eye transforms into a mouth, to reveal an octopus-like sea creature swimming towards you.

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