Getting drunk is fun. We all have such a good time, with inhibitions lowered and emotions spilling out. It isn’t called the ‘truth serum‘ for no reason, now is it? But the only issue with getting drunk is that you don’t remember what the hell happened last night. So when you find proofs of your weird shenanigans, what you get is fresh dosage of shame and embarrassment. However, like they say, tragedy + time = comedy. So when you are totally sober, you remember these proofs as fond memories. Let’s  look at a few such memories from Snapchat that will totally make your day!

When You Feel Like Death The Morning After


The next morning is always hellish. The hangover makes you feel like death would be better than this! You wonder if this is going to go on forever. But then, you feel better and go back to your drinking again! It is a vicious circle!

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