This is the same story every time. Does it happen to you that whenever someone sends you a link of a scary post or a ghostly picture, and even though the sight might scare you, you still take a glance? And the very moment you do that, you regret it. This post brings you a collection of downright creepy photos and I know you will see the post through the end. So, the curious fellow homo-sapiens and also, their dogs, if they are sitting with them, let’s scary you for a couple of nights now.

#1 The Gigantic Pile of American Bison Skulls


In 1870, the idea of fertilizers was to use natural things in a decomposed form. So, the fertilizers were prepared from living beings remains. And this production raw material was skulls or whatever one could find. Hence, a resulting ground site of fertilizers creation was a gigantic pile of American Bison waiting on the ground to be turned into fertilizers

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