Schools all over the world are places where the new generation is primarily shaped. Good schooling can easily result in a child becoming a well-mannered and well-positioned individual and citizen. Children learn various subjects along with life values here and what they learn is presented in their test answers. Sometimes, these children come up with such creative test answers that you cannot help but laugh at their thought process.

1: We all want to be freeloaders

As children, life was so much easier. Living with our parents, eating food from their money, totally being spoiled. Adulthood is extremely overrated and useless if you ask me. And this kid probably thinks the same thing as he wrote such an answer we all want to be freeloaders rather than earning and to this child I say, you lucky young person. Cherish it and have fun.

2: Honesty is the best policy at times

Sometimes blunt life lessons look cute coming out of children’s mouths. These answers otherwise are life rules that a person should abide by if he or she is to succeed. Our kid in this picture thinks the same thing. When asked what we should do when we fall, he bluntly tells us to get up again. And deal with it. I’m pretty sure this kid will be seen at some high places one day.

3: What if you’re an only child

More than once in our childhoods, we come across questions and statements that do not apply to us at all. These statements not only make us laugh but also make us lie as we solve the question anyway. This kid, however, was not having any of it. He’d rather lose 7 marks on a test than to make up an imaginary sister. I’d recommend the kid to make up a sister the next time.

4: He isn’t wrong, you know

I mean the child isn’t wrong. In the world of education, there are multiple answers to each question. Every question can be interpreted differently by different children. This kid’s answer would probably be right if he was studying World History or sociology. I hope the teacher gave him points for being different, intellectual and for his creative thinking. 

5: Literal beings

Sometimes, kids end up taking stuff so literally that you cannot help but feel moved by their cuteness. This has happened in the above pictures as well. It looks like our kid has a knack for witty responses and for taking things as literal as he can. Both of his answers are technically correct though, but It is not what was asked. I hope he gets some marks because this is brilliant. 

6: I guess everyone does want to rule the world

This kid’s plan seems like a lot of plans for kids his age make. Some children want to be superheroes. Others want to be the president of the United States of America, some want to travel the world. This kid, however, has his eyes set on a bigger and more ultimate prize. World domination is what he is after. And also after making out with his girlfriend. I hope he finds better things to work towards in the future.

7: Technically right answer

This answer is probably my favorite one until now. The kid has at least listed down six animals that live in the Arctic. Even though his miscalculations almost got his answer completely wrong. To the people laughing, can you name six arctic animals? At least the kid’s answer is somewhat correct, and I hope he got at least a few, if not the complete, marks for it.

8: Likewise, young kid

If you are going to write a creative quip as an answer for your test, you should at least make it related to Hugh Jackman. Trust me, kid, he is my favorite hue as well. This comment was extremely witty, and we are glad to see that the teacher thinks likewise. The remark “clever” written next to the answer probably tells us that the kid’s creativeness was not wasted and he got some appreciation for it.

9: Jonathan probably has some issues

This is probably a question of physics, but Jonathan here has turned it into a question of mystery and controversy. Rather than applying the simple formula and getting the question over with, Jonathan is analyzing the statement and coming up with the verdict that infidelity is involved. The teacher’s concerned comment of “Oh, dear….” is something we relate to.

10: Last happiness

When a person swallows a cleaning product or something, they are given milk so that the milk can neutralize the cleaning product inside the person’s stomach. The kid, however, had some other answers. To the kid, I got to ask, who even gets joy from drinking milk? And let’s not be as morose as to think that they’ll die from a few swigs of a cleaning product.