11: Wait until you see high school kiddo

Kids hardly love school. Even in our times, we used to cry going to school and were probably cursing the skies the entire time we were forced behind a desk when we could be outside playing. This kid is no different. He, when asked to summarize school in one word, writes hell. Hell in all capitals too! I hope this kid isn’t facing any bullying and is just a normal child who hates studying.

12: Beyoncé fan

The teacher’s comments of God not being a single lady is probably one of the most peculiar things I have ever read. Furthermore, the kid’s answer is probably somewhere on the most peculiar list too. I’m pretty sure Saturn does not have rings because God wanted to marry it. But this little Beyoncé fan’s dedication has me smiling. I hope he got a round of applause for this.

13: No animal cruelty

Kids are soft and considerate creatures. And my heart melts when I see them write stuff like this. This child very beautifully pointed out that to hit dogs isn’t something we should do and that to hurt them is a really bad thing. He wants to pet the dog because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to pet a cute dog? I hope the teacher appreciated this kid’s soft-heartedness.

14: They did what was asked

We all had the desire to name our favorite stuff toys and pets the weirdest and peculiar names. This kid probably thought that the teacher wanted him to give names to the shapes based on his heart’s intent. Even though he spelled “harry” wrong. We give this child props for creativity though. And we also hope that the teacher finds his answer just as creative and intuitive as we did.

15: Risky business

The most beautiful answer in the list is probably this one. The kid not only gave the right answer by depicting perfectly what risk is but also took one himself. I hope he got a round of applause from the class because of his intuitive thinking and creativity because if I was his teacher, I would show this answer everywhere.

16: Peter is going places

Math is such a complex subject that so many people loathe it. In schools all over the world, math has become a subject which is loathed by students. And on this list too, many questions are of math. This one is no exception. Peter here, took the teacher’s words a little too much to heart when she told him to expand the expression. Giving us all a good laugh.

17: He used Math

Sometimes being blunt is the most beautiful thing you can do and it can also get you out of a bad situation. This kid, however, is a new kind of blunt. Rather than writing down the method of the solution as was asked, he tells the teacher that he solved the given question by basic math. Isn’t rocket science. We hope he got the marks for it though.

18: “x” isn’t hard to find anymore

Algebra – the most painful thing math has to offer. However, the child solving this question has made it very clear that he would not let math slow him down. He has given the simplest answer and told the teacher that “x” was right in front of their eyes and they don’t have to look far at all. No need for complex formulas, draw an arrow and rule the world.

19: This would be right if the subject was sociology

Like I stated earlier, there are many answers to a single question. In learning, there is no defined “right answer”. It all depends on the intellect and interactive approach of the student. One may interpret a question differently as compared to others. In this example, such a thing has happened. I must say, the kid is going places and has a sane head on his shoulders.

20: Easy question

Sometimes, teachers ask such obvious questions that the answer is almost too simple. Other times, the student understands a complex question as something simple and writes stuff like this. But technically, I would not say that he is wrong. All documents are signed at the bottom dotted line, and I hope he got some marks for this creative quip.