There have been many instances where we are disappointed by the outcomes of situations. This usually happens when we have high expectations from something. The same is the case when travelling to new places. We take into account the places as we see them in movies or on the internet and often expect them to be the same. However, it is never the case and the real world situation is much different. Here are 15 places that prove the point quite well:

#1. Great Wall Of China, China


Expectation: This great monument has been around for what seems like forever. Built in ancient China, the wall was a way for the traders to transport goods along the Silk Route and also a way for the Imperial rulers to control immigration. It also protected the southern kingdoms from invasions by the northern kingdoms.


Reality: The wall is so crowded that you will be pushed by the crowds to further distances than you can walk. There is a greater density of population on the wall than in most countries around the world. There will be no picturesque moments and you will be thoroughly disappointed.

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