Friendship means the world to people because friends are the only people who keeps us sane! And it is needless to say that finding a friend with similar sanity is a run of luck, isn’t it? Although opposite-gender friendships are just as comfortable and strong as the same-gender ones, it tends to get risky at times! You two share a strong bond and you can be yourself because you know he wouldn’t judge you. But this is a world of ‘No Strings Attached’ and ‘Friends With Benefits’! Even Harry of ‘When Harry met Sally’ has said, “Men and women can’t be friends, because some things always gets in the way”. Have you ever felt that way about your friend? Well, here are some secret signs that can clearly tell that your friend might be dreaming about sleeping with you!

#1 His Apartment’s Spare Keys


Now your friend may sound all protective and caring and may even lend you his apartment’s extra keys saying he doesn’t want you to travel alone and so you can spend the night at his place. Or even tell you that you can stop-by at his place any time of the day. While this may seem caring at the first sight, but be aware, girl!

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