You may have heard boys complaining about being friend-zoned but have you ever heard a girl whine about being bone-zoned? Well, you’re seriously under a rock if you haven’t heard this new term! It’s when your male friend wants to sleep with you and not really wishes to have a long term friendship. That’s when you know you are bone-zoned. Now, this may have happened or may be happening to you but you may not be aware of the situation! So to help you out, we’ve here listed 15 signs that indicates that he is not really looking for a friendship with you!

#1 Hatred for your boyfriend


You take this guy-friend of yours as one of your best friends and would want him to hang out or even talk to your boyfriend but he doesn’t seem to be interested as your boyfriend is an obstacle and he hates him for ruining his chances. He might even force you or secretly make plans for your break-up. He gets happy when you have a fight with your partner and he leaves no stone unturned to get it even worse!

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