In a world ruled by millennials, social media has become the topmost priority for almost everyone. It has become more like a necessity than just another thing to pass time. The world relies on mobile phones and social media platforms. Although an addiction to anything, in the long run, is going to backfire at some point of time, being on social media, if taken casually, can be a lot of fun! One of those experiences includes checking Snapchat stories. People go beyond just clicking pictures and updating their stories with hilarious stuff. Memes are making rounds everywhere. Here, we’ve shortlisted 15 Snapchat stories that are funny AF!

#1 Current Situation Of Most Of Us


Have you ever related yourself with any electronic device in life, let alone a refrigerator? In this high paced world, keeping your cool is a tough job, isn’t it? Just like this refrigerator even I wish to stay cool, someday.

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