We believe that an important step towards maintaining your sanity is to discover your insanity (or weirdness quotient, if you may). It is no doubt that we do numerous things throughout the day… things that we can mark as insane, whether it is dancing in the shower, or singing into the hairbrush or jumping on the bed… But what tops the insanity list is the kind of insane thoughts we have in the shower.  Of course, thoughts are as natural to human beings as honey is to honeybees. We cannot control them.

But, there’s just something different about the thoughts we have in the shower. Thoughts in the shower are somehow more personal and intimate, probably because when we’re in that space physically, we’re actually alone. Since showers include elaborate cleaning and are relaxing in their own way, shower thoughts also run on similar lines. Our mind is inspired by how relaxed the body is feeling, and attracts only positive thoughts.  But sometimes, we think of the most bizarre things while under the shower head. But, in its own way, that’s normal, too. You know, since it’s our personal time and spaces! Anyway, let’s look at some of the weird but common thoughts we all have while in the shower.

#1 How Does My Body Look While Under The Shower?


Sometimes when you’re smiling or have that half-smile pasted on your face as you relax under the hot water, your mind takes a turn in the other direction and makes you think… just how do you look in the shower? Well, there are ways you could actually see your body- you can place tripods to take pictures of yourself, or you can set your phone to take timed shots… but these ways will not give you an exact picture. Don’t worry, you’re not insane for wondering how you look in the shower. Just don’t dwell on it as there is no way you will actually get a second (or third) person view of yourself in the shower.

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