Who knew hotels could be a fun place to be? These pictures make you want to visit these places surprisingly. If one word were to be used to describe these pictures, then that would be “disaster”. In more ways than others, it makes you question the sanity of those who were behind such creative pieces. Take a look at these pictures yourself and let us know what you think.

1: If one door closes the other one opens

Fresh air while showering I mean who doesn’t need it right? The architect who made this design should be applauded for preaching a healthy lifestyle. Plus live-action shows for people living opposite the building what more can you ask for? We all need to visit this hotel and experience this wholesome service. Bags are packed, and we are ready to go.

2: No, you can’t read

We didn’t know that books are not meant to be read by people. They are meant to be admired from afar. Poor hotel staff at Hilton had to specify that to people. Clearly few to many books might have gone missing for them to put up such a sign. Quite a welcoming message this is right? What do you think?

3: To camouflage or not?

Lost in a hotel? Can’t find your room? Do not know which direction to go in? Well, these signboards are of no help clearly. We don’t know what they were trying to achieve really. The wallpaper looks nice through a nice combination of beige and gold. Oh, what is in the middle of it? If you look closely, you will find it.

4: Everybody needs a Julio in their life.

So apparently this young man was stuck in his hotel room shower for 3 hours now? The mystery remains unsolved. Julio had to remove the entire glass door we can say the problem was major. Julio felt that the young man should get compensated and repeatedly asked him to complain to the front desk. Well, we all do need a Julio in our life.

5: Where are you now that I need you? (Toilet paper edition)

This placement of toilet paper roll so far away from the toilet is pure art. Honestly, the science and creativity that went behind this designing leaves us speechless. Unless you have a very sharp eye, it will be difficult to locate it, but that’s the catch here. They want you to go on a treasure hunt for toilet paper.

6: Pure art

After seeing this artistic piece, we feel the need to meet the mind behind it. We have some questions that require answers as soon as possible. What was the inspiration? How long did it take to create such a beautiful painting? The strokes of the brush they are telling us something. The pain, the agony, the confusion what is it?

7: Doorstop in the middle of the room

The customer who took this picture said they banged their foot on this doorstep four times. Ouch! We can feel their pain. What is the science behind placing a doorstop in the middle of the room? Can someone explain this to us? Architectural majors do you have an answer for this? Our toe has started throbbing just by looking at this — the pain.

8: CPR instructions anyone?

This new method of giving CPR will make you question your existence? These are the instructions that are found near a hotel pool in Thailand. Surely it can be said Thailand has a very elaborate way of giving CPR. Who knew Capri Sun straw could be so helpful. So next time you are in a situation where you need to teach someone how to give CPR, it would be better to avoid these instructions.

9: Inspirational quote

Such an inspiring and motivating quote this is. “Your text sample text your text sample here your text.” The layers of emotion and meaning that this quote holds have left us baffled. We need to meet with the man who placed this quote right above the bed. We need to know his drive behind this. Deeply moved and motivated.

10: Rapunzel let down your hair?

Speechless. Confused. Traumatized and scarred for life. These are a series of emotions we are going through currently, and it’s safe to say whoever visited this room as well. How did they manage to collect the hair? How long did it take them? Was the source of this much hair only one person? If anybody finds the answers for these questions do let us know.