A glance at the past gives us a realization and a feel how the times and technologies have progressed in the past few years. Not only is it a nostalgic experience but it also brings happiness to lots of our faces, unless it is scary, else it gives us goosebumps. But, the ‘good old days’ phrase has never really evolved. It has been a statement of fact in whatsoever generation and time people lived in. But if you have been wanting to have a look at what the old things really looked like and lose a bit of sleep, you can look at the list of 19 scariest things.

#1 A Good Ol’ Carnival Prop


A gauntly looking piece of an old skull is an idea of fun for many people. Some might base their prom night around it and for some might be looking for decorating their houses with these on Halloween. Either case, keeping skull is scary.

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