Let’s face it; relationships are decidedly tricky things to manage. The longer that you live together, the more likely you are to learn about annoying habits that your loved ones have that are sure to drive you to the point of insanity. We know that we’ve had our share of conflicts with our partner, and in the end, it all comes down to reaching a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with. Alternatively, you can just ‘accidentally’ flush the toilet while they’re in the shower if passive-aggressive is more your game. Below we’ve compiled a list of photos that demonstrate some of the problems that others have faced while trying to share space with someone.

1. When Discussing Whose Side Of The Bed It Is


You might want to bring a ruler. This couple almost had it out when the wife brought home a memory foam mattress to soften up her side of the bed. We can’t be certain, but it would appear as if this bed is not evenly divided, which may wind up causing some spats.

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