Life and death are two sides of the same coin, and most of us are aware of this truth. The living stay in the mortal realm, while the dead cross over to the dimension of no return. But there are some cursed souls who are stuck in between. These unlucky spirits, otherwise called ghosts, stay here mulling over their unsatisfied desires. Finding it hard to believe? Read on –

#1. The Dog That Sees Wandering Souls


“My dog has a nasty habit of scratching the door in the middle of the night. One evening she wouldn’t stop scratching the door for any reason. After calling her five times, I threw a pillow towards the door to make her stop. That’s when she barked … from right beside me. She’d been next to me the whole time.”

#2. Shadowy Forms Alighting From The Ceiling

“When I was little, every night when the lights were turned off and I went to sleep, two dark forms would descend from the ceiling near the doorway into my room. They walked quietly up to my bed and one stood on each side of my headboard, looking at me. I would cover my head with the blanket, until one day I had the courage to tell my mother. She put a lamp in my room and told me to pray and ask them to leave. I sleep with a lamp on all night to this day.”

#3. The Student’s Apparition

“One day, during a break in class, a friend of mine put his head down and took a quick nap. I took this photo to show some other friends who were in another classroom. When I took the photo, nobody in the room was standing, there was nobody behind me who could have cast a shadow, and there was nobody walking by in the classroom.

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