Men and women are two very different species and there are some basic ideological differences between the two. You have to understand the other in order to live with them. Life is incomplete without the presence of men and this begs to bring the knowledge about men to the spotlight.

#1. We Need To Talk


This may the most hated phrase in the minds of men. No man ever wants to hear this from his woman because there is an in-built sense of the upcoming disaster when these four words are uttered.

#2. The Love For Sports


When a group of men gets together, they generally talk about sports. The love for sports is deep seeded within men and most women would be wrong in believing that a group of men only talk about their most recent conquests.

#3. Strangely Sensitive


Most men will not admit to this but when they build a fire, they want every log to burn to the ground. If the last log remains unburnt, they will take it as a personal insult.

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