Ever since the internet was born – memes and jokes became the source of laughter for the population. And when we talk about making people laugh, text screenshots are leading the race. 

A lot of times, people share the screenshots of their conversations, and it turns out their sense of humor is so hilarious that you feel like following them around with a diary, so you could note everything they say. These people beat the art of expression.

So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the conversations filled with laughter!

#1 It’s all about asking the real questions!

Do you think you haven’t got enough problems in your life, everything going around seems so good that you are bored of this normality?

Yes? Oh man, then you really need to fall in love, because it is the only way to trouble your peaceful life. LOL!

#2 This mom is SAVAGE.


This surely was a hilarious comeback.

Moms can turn out to be as savage as you can. Do not mess with her or else you’ll lose your ability to be called savage from the next time.

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