When you look down at people from a tall building they appear to look like ants, so small and insignificant. The same may also be said for abandoned cities; although they were once large and magnificent, they now all appear empty and vast, as if all of their lights have gone out. Check out the list below to discover more about these once famous places that have now turned into ghost towns:

1:    Craco, Italy

If you have seen the movie “Quantum of Solace” you will surely remember this place although it has also been a popular filming location for other movies as well. It is said that this place came into being back in 540 BC when the Greeks migrated from Metaponto and named this place Montedoro.

2:    Bodie, California


Bodie is like the Wild West ghost town. It first bloomed in the early 19th century when the locals discovered gold, which in turn allowed the town to grow and develop. However, at the end of the 20th century when profits dropped, it gradually became abandoned. To this day around 110 houses still stand there.

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