Human beings have always tried to divert away chaos and make their lives orderly. For that, they have made rules to follow, and this forms a part of the coherent legal system of a country. But that does not mean every law created is logical enough. Sometimes, the laws created are so absurd, they make one wonder whether the person creating it was in a sound state of mind. Whatever be the mindset, they leave you flabbergasted. So, without any further ado check out these weird and dumb laws – 

1. Baby Walkers In Canada

What? A country like Canada doesn’t seem to be guilty of such an absurdity. But you will agree with the Canadian judiciary after you read the logic behind it. This ban on baby walkers officially became legal in April 2004. Keeping in mind the injuries caused due to walkers because of flipping over, rolling over the stairs and many others. Selling or possession of this wheeled-walker can get you a fine or worst, a sentence. 

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