A father-daughter is quite sacrosanct. It is so pure and divine that there is nothing in the world that can botch it, right? Wrong, if your intentions are not good, and you have a perverted nature then disaster is waiting to strike. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at the pictures we are about to show. You will see how a sweet relation is spoiled by a corrupt mind –

1. Where Are You Putting Your Hand, Dude?


This man looks like a doting father, who cares a lot about his daughter. In fact, the father, the mom and the daughter trio pose for a cute family pic. But if you scroll down and look at what the stupid man is doing with his hands, you know he possesses a lewd character. Otherwise, why on earth does he want to chop off his daughter’s jewels with an ax? It is surely something that I do not understand.

2. Trump Did Not Spare His Own Daughter


Trump has always known to make controversial statements and have an equally dubious character. He has gone on record to say that if his daughter Ivanka weren’t his daughter, she would surely have been his girlfriend. What? Who in their right mind would say this? But if you look at the past hookups of the new President, you will find out that nothing is impossible for him.

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