Makeup is a tool which is being used to create looks which are nothing short of art. It makes humans feel better about their self-image and sometimes, people just like to play around with different colors and create their own skin canvased paintings. However, sometimes we come across pictures on the internet that makes us wonder if makeup is actually a magical tool that is being used by the people.

1: This magical creation


I half want to hire this person so that she would just keep creating looks like these on me based on my favorite characters. All art like this is based in detailing to perfection and this girl has completely paid all of the attention she could to the finest details. There is even detail and attention paid to the pecks and the carefully drawn nose. All in all, this is a masterpiece. 

2: This half and half comparison


Sometimes we see before and after makeup pictures and are fascinated by the magic that makeup is capable of achieving. However, these makeup artists created a half face full of perfect flawless makeup and left the other half bare. And we have to say, it looks creepy as hell. However, it does give a better insight as to how makeup is complete and utter magic.

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