When we stroll across the World Wide Web, we come across images that are extremely distracting. Sometimes, the distractions are because the images are extremely pretty and visually attractive. Other times, the distraction is because the images are nothing short of a nightmare. These images destroy a person’s outlook and are almost too hard to look at.

1: Please tell me this was a joke

We all have our individual fashion disasters. Most of the times it’s something as simple as our bra strap showing. In other cases, it canes something as horrifying and plain old stupid like this. You know you’re long overdue for a baby when a baby’s face starts appearing out your dress. I just hope that this was a joke and that the girl doesn’t regularly wear clothes like these.

2: Goodbye childhood

Winnie The Pooh was all part of our childhood. Who didn’t love Pooh and Piglet and the beautiful relationship between them? Honestly, I blame this show for the accent that I have developed. However, this picture is a certain destruction of my childhood. What in the world is that face shape? What in the world are those color choices? Can someone show the owner a reference picture, please?

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