All the girls are beautiful. No matter what dress size you wear and what your cup size is, all of you are gorgeous regardless of the societal standards of beauty. However, there is solidarity which exists between the girls with big booties. We face the same kind of everyday struggles, and that strengthens the sisterhood bond that is present between all girls. No matter what the world says, we are here and are supportive of your beauty. Here are some of the problems that us big booty girl face on the daily:

1: Re-hemming skirts and dresses

One of the major problems with having a bigger butt than average is that you have a problem selecting dresses and skirts. No matter how decent you are trying to look, the skirt will always ride up, or the hem of the dress will be more revealing than the front of the skirt. This not only makes wearing dresses and skirts in public awkward but you have to re-hem so many skirts to make sure that your butt is covered and if that isn’t a hassle, I do not know what is.

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