Ouija board are a part of the American folklore. It stands straight like an independent urban legend. Many people consider it as a portal to the spirit world. But there are many skeptics who argue over its validity. What stands out is the excitement during the ghost calling sessions. With creepy whispers, eerie glares of flashlights, hair-raising ghost stories to scare the hell out of you and your pals, the ambiance grows exciting. It seems more like a thrilling game than a bad omen. Despite all the enigma shrouding the ‘board of horrors’, there are some morbid facts that make it a terrifying gadget –  

1. The First-Ever Ouija Board Was Invented In 1891 In A Toy Shop

Yes, the first-ever Ouija Board dates back more than a hundred and twenty years. As per various sources, a Pittsburgh toy and novelty shop – Danziger’s & Company first started manufacturing and advertising these kinds of boards. It sparked off a trend, and business took off after some brilliant advertising campaigns starting luring more crowds. 

2. Ouija Boards Are Based On A Scientific Effect Called Ideomotor Effect


According to this theory, “Your brain acts the way it thinks.” Our brain is capable of answering all the questions it itself puts forth. This scientific theory is not known by many people but it explains automatic writing and the command of a pendulum which in turn explains the ouija board. So, you are not being answered by the spirit, you are answering yourself.

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