There are many things in America which are unknown. They are often a part of the local folklore. These hidden stories or urban legends entice people and most of them come with a creepy feeling. You can come across these legends that are circulated around in every local circle. Most of the times these topics of discussions become a part of the conversation during a campfire night. These are then passed on from generation to generation. Feeling all excited? We bring you 30 of the juiciest of urban legends from each state of America. We are sure that each of them will freak you out –

1. Dead Children’s Playground In Alabama

This playground in Alabama has such a scary name for a reason. But one is compelled to think what was the need for a playground in a graveyard. The playground was added to the graveyard with one thing in mind – while parents visit the graves of their near and dear ones, the kids could keep themselves busy on rides and swings. But today, the reality is totally different. People have claimed that they have seen orbs, silhouettes of people shining in the dark. Some ghostly apparitions even swing on those swings. It is rumored that these are spirits of those children who were buried in the graveyards.

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