Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s something logical or an irrational one. Be it the common man, or a well-known personality, all of them have one sort of phobia. This proves that these celebrities are equally human and freak out over unexplainable things. Some of these phobias are weirder than imagination. Moreover, it gives us a chance to glimpse in the personal lives of these stars. After reading all of this, do you feel pepped up to explore more? Here are some interesting and extraordinary celeb phobias –

1. Eminem – Owls


Eminem has faced a lot of hardships in this lifetime, but the gutsy rapper has pelted out bestselling chartbusters. He might have been a great rapper at a point of time. Still, he suffers from a small phobia. He’s scared of owls. Yes, the rapper has admitted this in public many times. Ornithophobia is a rare phobia and the music icon claims that he suffers from greatly from it. Besides owls, he is also afraid of giraffes. 

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