Many times we come across bizarre co-travellers. They make us laugh, cry, cringe and so on. An Instagram account going by the name Passenger Shaming shares pictures of a similar sort of travellers. I have come up with a compilation of the pictures from the handle that show some of the most unexpected moments recorded during air travel.

Take a look!

This person decided to sleep with a bag on her head?

Who doesn’t love traveling? Traveling is such a positive thing, it rejuvenates your mind. Along with these bizarre pictures, we’ll also be sharing some of the interesting random facts with you.

So, enjoy the article till the end.

This looks gross to me


Did you know traveling improves your problem-solving skills? Yes, traveling makes one smarter. Because it’s not just about fun and entertainment, it’s about learning.

This makes us realize that we should travel more than we usually do. Right?

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