Secret rooms are a part of a luxury that most of us don’t get to experience. Why so? The privacy and mystery that a secret room offers is astounding. Secret rooms help in hiding your prized possessions. It also enables you to sneak off to a place in your house where no one can disturb you. Men love to have secret spaces for enjoying their favorite game with their pals without any hindrance. Women, on the other hand, figure out multiple ways to use a secret room. We, are after all, cleverer than men.

With demands for secret rooms increasing over the years, builders have become more and more creative and innovative while approaching the construction of secret rooms. From camouflaging baseboards to the hidden pool these secret rooms have the cleverest of designs. Care to give a look?

1. The Hidden Stairwell


Apart from a section of the floor that doubles up as a trapdoor, this living room looks like a normal one. The constructors have installed a latch to hold up that part of the floor. Once hooked up, the door can be accessed easily. Beneath this door lies a secret staircase. You climb down and see a marvel of a thing. This way in which a living room floor is cutout and lifted to reveal a hidden staircase is an ingenious way to hide a secret room. Most of the times, an unsuspecting person would probably overlook the entrance. One cannot tell if it was even there. The glossy floor easily hides the slight outline of the door.

2. Space Below The House


Have you seen the previous picture? You must be wondering where the staircase beneath the trapdoor leads to? Don’t get impatient. Allow us to reveal the secret. As expected, the staircase leads a person to a lower portion in the house. It appears to be a cellar, whose existence is known only to the owners of this incredible home. Only a wise surveyor, or probably Sherlock Holmes would know about it. You wouldn’t find it, unless you were actually looking for it. The staircase has two flights of stairs. This adds a lot of depth to the house. To an onlooker, who is unaware about the trapdoor, does not know a that he/she is standing over a basement. Add a CCTV camera and this secret room is just straight out of a spy movie where the villain keeps a lookout on his victims in the secret room. If this house is ever on the market for a sale, then this would come as a pleasant surprise to prospective buyers.

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