Mildly hysterical, hugely terrifying and thoroughly historical, the ancient events that the supposedly ‘good’ old days seem to never run out of horror, even when you’re just scraping the surface of it. These events have not only inspired a legion of actions from the generations that came next but also indulged people in hingeing on the adrenaline that comes with the thrill of the dark.

Here are 50 unsettling facts from the past days that will make you doubt everything literally!

1. In 1929, some researchers at Princeton University claimed that they had transformed a living cat into a telephone.

In 1929, Princeton professor Ernest Glen Wever along with his research assistant Charles William Bray decided to study the auditory nerve and how it perceives sound and their curiosity literally killed a cat. They wanted to experiment on a live nerve and thus cracked open the skull of a cat to attach telephone wires and make a transmitter. Despite the fact that their experiment was successful and proved several theories of sound, it created a huge controversy among animal rights activists. 

2.There was a time when Heroin was just a common medicine for doctors to prescribe for coughs and headaches. 


Doctors in the 18th century used heroin as medicine for relieving the pain of cancer, menstruation, and childbirth. Its addictive properties weren’t discovered until then and were also used to cure opium addiction. Later, when they found that it is a hallucinogenic substance, its use slowed down at the end of the 18th century.

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