There’s destruction, there’s construction, there’re regrets, there’s applause, but there’s missing the human touch, the stroke of passion and love. Oops! Did I reflect upon the contemporary? Ahh! The subtle nod caught my eyes! Not straying from the reality, instead of building on it, there are these stark, in-depth, dank illustrations by the Italian artist, Elia Colombo, known as Gebe, on the ‘gram.

Snag these unambiguously minimalistic, dipped inaccurate satire, here.

Nature on revenge

We’ve destroyed the natural beauty around us; we’re consuming the limited resources as if they’re ending. But do not forget, there will come a time when nature will take its revenge from us.

How matters of heart need your brain


The mind is a complex phenomenon, and it often turns simple things into a maze. Love is one of those things. Even to express your love you need to figure out how – how to be quicker than the rest (probably).

In love, we often ignore that most of the negative things only exist in our minds and not in reality.

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