There are specific intractable laws by which the universe functions, and one of these laws is called ‘Newton’s Law of Gravitational Attraction’. This law describes a very basic fundamental concept of the universe that things are naturally attracted to other things. This description is of course a much-simplified version of his original verbiage, but it captures the heart of the matter. The universe being what it is, there are times when we can’t be certain that that law remains entirely in effect. In these moments we have to stop and look twice at what’s going on before we’ll believe what our eyes are telling us. All of the occurrences captured in the photos below have a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make us stop and stare in wonder.

1. Have These Goats Mastered The Art of Levitation?

This is one of the strangest sights you can ever hope to see: goats apparently hovering on the side of a seemingly sheer cliff. While it may seem unlikely, these goats are actually clinging on to the rock wall thanks to the special tool evolution has given them for this purpose, which is in fact their tongues. We kid you not! Their hooves are also very nimble and able to hold on to even the sheerest surfaces.

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