One of the biggest dreams of any parents is to have children who are beautiful, smart, healthy and have enough means and purpose to make something out of their lives. This is what Jaqi and Kevin had in mind when they first got the news of having twin kids on their way.  This story is of husband and wife, Kevin and Jaqi Clements and their twin daughter named Ava Marie and Leah Rose who were born in 2010. They hoped that their kids would grow up to be responsible and with good jobs, but little did they know that their lives were going to change drastically. These kids were born with unparalleled beauty. After receiving guidance and help of their mother, they have embarked on their path to become professional models.

Below are the snippets of the whole life of Ava Marie and Leah Rose which seems to have lured to the whole of the internet community.

#1 The Eager Arrival of the Twins


The kids arrived on the earth on 7th of July, 2010,  4 and half weeks before Jaqi’s due date. Looking back at that incident now, Kevin and Jaqi say that they understand why it happened in the way it happened. They stated that Ava and Leah have always been eager kids and looking upon the whole birthing incident, they say that it somehow looks like in their personalities to have done something of this sort, like come announced, earlier than expected and take on anything.

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