In today’s world of drugs, the popularity of LSD usage has significantly increased and the study on users’ age has proven that there is an increase of the younger generation using it more compared to other demographics.


Although LSD is an illegal substance banned by many states in the United States, people tend to use it excessively in raves parties due to the hallucinogenic effects that it causes. Individuals that take the drug already know its effects. When you are on LSD, you see things that aren’t really there.

Sometimes it’s horrible and sometimes it can be wonderful like seeing rainbows. However, this one 49 year old man from Marlborough and South Milton in Devon crashed his car into a ditch, claiming that he had to swerve his vehicle just to avoid hitting an octopus!

According to Devon and Cornwall Police Statement:

“He did a bit of a slow roll into a ditch. An ambulance went out and the driver was checked over by paramedics but there weren’t enough injuries to go to hospital”

Everyone remembers that saying, “don’t drink and drive”? Well, there should be another saying for 49ers that they shouldn’t “do LSD and drive”, because the changes are that you’ll see things that seriously aren’t even there. The old 49 year old drug addict was arrested on suspicious of drug driving but got out on bail. Won’t be long before the cops catch him again tripping off acid and claiming he’s seen things that aren’t really there!