Keeping your car in running condition and maintaining it could be a tedious task and a costly one at that. Manufacturers can charge you a huge amount of money even if the fault is as small as a minor dent. However, if you do some smart work, you could save big on those repair and maintenance expenses. How?

Well, keep reading to know more as we bring you an extensive list of the most useful and practical car hacks that would upgrade your car without burning a hole in your pocket.

Removing dents


Taking out the dents from the car’s body is a painful task. The most affected component is the bumper as it protrudes out compared to the upper panels. Though, you don’t need to worry now. Just boil some water and pour it out on the dented area until it becomes flexible. Now, take a plunger and pull the dent until it pops out and regains its original shape.

Getting rid of small glass shards


If a glass breaks in your car, then don’t freak out. Instead, use tape to stick all the tiny glass pieces. It is most useful in the areas where a vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

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