Kissing is something that everyone likes. I mean have you ever really met anyone who doesn’t like to kiss? I am sure there would be that uncommon oddity, but in general people love kissing. It is just so amazing. It can be everything, a means to express your emotions, an appa-teaser for the main course to come, a means to showing affection or just letting out raw sexual energy. But did you know, the way you kiss tells a lot about your personality? Don’t believe me? Read on!

The Close Mouthed Kiss

via pexels

If you enjoy the close mouthed kisses more than its wetter counterpart you are traditionalist. You are the kind of person that enjoys home made things than store bought, you prefer days over nights, you prefer books over movies, you get the gist. You are not close minded, you just like things the way you like them.

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