Fashion is a very delicate thing. With your creativity, you can either make something entirely new and trend worthy or you can create a total disaster. This billion dollar industry is run by millions of minds coming together to create things that are accepted by the people around the world. However, there are also others who have created some of the worst fashion pieces that will make you want to scratch your eyes out. Here are some of the worst fashion fails that you will ever see in your life.

Confused Writing

At the first glance, it seems like the T-shirt says Cum Hair Don’t Care. You must be thinking that it is a perverted design that had the spelling of Here wrong. However, the truth is that the T-shirt says Gym Hair Don’t Care. Just imagine that you have worn this tee out and all the people are looking at you with disgusted looks.

Not A Presidential Outfit


This lady was wearing this outfit when she was interviewing the President of South Africa. You have to agree that the fruits on her dress are not complimenting her body and it is a huge mistake made on the part of the designer. This dress should not have been worn any day, let alone on the day that you interview a President on live TV.

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