Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johanson, and so many others have been a landmark of style and beauty. Especially, the way in which they decorate and dress up for the holiday season. But, in recent years, Kylie Jenner has mesmerized the world in her beauty spell. By displaying pictures of her hourglass figures and her beautifully contoured face, she has given us ‘ makeup and body goals’ so many times. Belonging from the Kardashian family, we can say everyone in the family has an affinity of grabbing the people by their heart. There have many instants where she has dressed up herself and her kid in peppy colors and designs which are perfect examples of mom and baby twinning in style. Here, we can have a perfect look at how she keeps up in trend and takes up the world in envy.

#1 The Butterfly Mom


She started the holiday season with her fantastic dazzling pink colored dress which had pink feathers. They were to support her or let her fly, this is still under debate. This ’Butterfly effect’ picture that she posted on Instagram soon caught up with the latest Internet trending mania.

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