At the end of the day, everyone needs a partner who they can confide in when the life gets tough. You have to tell this person about how happy or sad you are! They become your home. But sometimes, when they betray you, you contemplate things and come to a conclusion that if you’ve had kept a track of their actions, you could have avoided this mistrust. Have you ever asked yourself this tough question ever? Do you completely, sincerely, unapologetically trust your partner? Well, in case you’re confused, we’ll solve the case for you!

If your partner does any of the following things, sweetheart, you’ve to show him the door!

#1 Who Has Another Woman In His Life


No, we’re not talking about friends, mother or sisters! If your boyfriend is already in a relationship or is married to someone and you find out that you’re the OTHER woman in his life, instantly drop out without thinking much! You don’t have to be the other woman in any relationship. It’s derogatory not just for you but to the other woman as well. Always remember, that as a woman, your primary goal should be to pull another woman up not push them down!

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