Most men get a kick out of getting a girl to like them when she already has a boyfriend. And often you just fall in love with someone who’s already committed, but still, you want to take a chance. Before we move any further, let me tell you getting into this is landing yourself into really dangerous territory. You may end up getting hurt. But if you have a strong connection with her and you think she’ll be happier with you, you should totally go for it.

Here is how you can approach a girl and make her like you even when she has a boyfriend!

#1 Analyze Her Current Relationship


The first and the foremost step that you should never ignore is analyzing her current relationship. If she’s happy and content in her current relationship and is madly in love with her partner, then, there’s no way she’s getting to you. So, you should better accept it and move on and not try and ruin things with her. But if she is not happy in her current relationship, you may have a chance!

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