Who in the living hell does not know Kim Kardashian? In fact, the whole of the Kardashian-Jenner family rules Instagram (Well, sort of!). After all, they have been creating the buzz on social media like nobody else. But Kim K is far ahead of all her family members. In fact, she has been so controversial in the past that the digital media cannot get enough of her.

But somehow, they manage to stay in the public eye. Sometimes, they are a hit with the masses. But there have been instances where they had to face public outrage. Presently, Kim Kardashian has been getting the heat, thanks to her controversial advert.

So what is it this time? What new jeopardy has she gotten herself into? Let’s find out!

#1. It’s All Started With An Ad For A Diet Lollipop This Year


Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian had been endorsing appetite suppressing lollipops, manufactured by Flat Tummy Co. People reacted instantly, with a melee of criticisms hailing from all quarters. While parents criticized Kim for being a toxic influence on teenagers, the physicians and dietitians snubbed her by saying that she was promoting anorexia among the teens. Kim and Flat Tummy Co. withdrew the ad following this backlash.

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