Abortion is a topic of debate around the world, dividing people on the basis of their opinion. The topic is subjective, each person having their own opinion and reasons for their opinion. Even though there is no right answer for the problem, people fight with each other depending upon the viewpoint that the other possesses. They rage out and one man took it to a whole new level. He sued an abortion clinic for carrying out an abortion on his girlfriend’s pregnancy without consulting with him prehand. His girlfriend wanted the abortion but he did not, causing him to sue the clinic.


Women all over the world are fighting for an equal say in all matters and 2018 has seen many movements for the issue. #MeToo has been one of the popular ones, empowering women all over the world to speak out against sexual harassment. #BalanceForBetter was yet another one, asking women to take a stance for equality between the two genders.

Change is inevitable and yet one man decided to take it upon himself and fight against this equality. Ryan Magers believes that his say was more important in the decision for the abortion and what his girlfriend wanted did not matter. The fight for equality has been gaining quite a lot of popularity but Ryan wants to tip the scales in the favor of the men worldwide.

This 19-year old boy from Alabama and two years ago, he got his girlfriend pregnant. At the time, the girl was 17 years old and she made a decision to undergo an abortion and terminate the pregnancy. The court allowed the teen to sue Alabama Women’s Center for providing the girl with an abortion despite the continued requests of Ryan to not do so. This was granted by Madison County’s Judge Frank Barger, who recognised the fetus as a person with rights.

This caused quite a lot of amendments to be brought to the state laws and Alabama became the first state to recognise the rights of unborn children, including the right to life. This allows the people to sue others for an abortion and fetus’ termination. Alabama passed this law with 60% votes while West Virginia did the same with only 52% votes.