lana Burns, a 38-year-old, also mother-of-seven, is now pregnant with twins. No we are not talking of Guinness record here. This lady is begging the West Lothian Council to be relocated.


She wants to be rehoused from her? four-bedroom council flat which she finds hellish. Why? Let’s check out.

But First, A Little Bit About Alana

Alana Burns is due to give birth to twins in March. Her sizable brood already consists of seven kids.


The kid pack already includes Stewart, 20, Bryan, 19, Caitlin, 16, Leigh, 15, Cayden, 7, Steven, 4 and Alisha, 2, respectively. Phew, that’s quite a litter!

Now, Her Apartment Woes

Clearly, the West Lothian Council did not pay any heed to the size of her family(and that is one dumb thing to do!) These poor kids who live together, now have to manage with their helpless mother in a despicable environment, above a pub.


The worst part of the Burns’ woes is that one of the rooms in the flat is ‘leaking’. The rest of the Bathgate apartment isn’t habitable either.

Tearfully, the single mother admits that her relationship with some of her children is at the verge of breaking. Going on like this is next to impossible.

According to Alana, the ‘supposedly wretched’ council members have noted down the leak and said they’d get in touch with her. But she is yet to get a response form them. Moreover, this has been going on for weeks.


The safety conditions are so horrible, she and her children are compelled to adjust into three bedrooms.

But her sufferings do not end here. Uneven flooring, damaged ceilings, noisy neighbors and no postal facilities have left her fuming.

The flat has no TV and the children can’t head outside for playing, thanks to the traffic.?On top of that, she has to spend ?30 a day on electricity and claims a third party is using her supply.

Prior to this, the family were living in a private let in Livingston. But after some time, her landlord decided to sell the property in August.

The Council’s Side Of The Story

The West Lothian Council have responded by saying that finding her an accommodation has been quite challenging owing to her large family size. Also, there is a limited stock of larger homes available in the area.


They have also committed to meet her family’s housing needs until a permanent residence is located.

The council spokesperson also reported that previous repairs were taken care of by the landlord. The leak was notified to us on November 12. Repairs will soon be carried out