Lori Loughlin is quite popular because of her role in the show “Full House” as one of the most favorite characters, Aunt Becky.

Loughlin is married and has two stunning daughters. Her daughters are as beautiful as her. Her companionship with Olivia Jade, her younger daughter is gaining huge popularity nowadays due to a college scandal they both were involved in.

But even with all that scandal stuff going on, and all the gossips and rumors all around, Olivia doesn’t care a bit. She is a girl of her own rules and definitely never goes by what her mother says. With all this going on, she is still active on her social media, posting all of her pictures, she wants to. And most of them come out to be quite revealing, which Aunt Becky would never want us to see, and especially not now!

Check out to see, what these pictures are, that Becky would rather want to hide from the world.

Influencer for a reason

Looking at this picture, I don’t have any doubts left for why she is such a popular influencer. Olivia is definitely made for modelling but clearly her family doesn’t want her to show off her body to the whole world.

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