Robertson family is considered to be the perfect family you could ever come across. They are the clan behind the “Duck Dynasty”, which is a TV series that tells the story of a family who is not afraid to champion their core values, and are adamant about not letting fame affect their faith and familial bond.

The whole family captured public attention and popularity. And their daughter, Sadie came out to be totally different from the whole family. She grew up to be a girl who doesn’t believe in pretending and fame earning. She is rather all about showing her authentic side to the world through social media.

And keeping in mind the image of the family, they surely don’t want  her to post and show the world her real side. But Sadie gets her way one way or the other. 

Check out these pictures that her family would rather not want us to see.


Robertson family is surely not going to be happy about this picture at all.

Candids are not avoidable. Someone clicked this picture during an interview and it came out to be quite hilarious.

She can be positive


Sadie knows how to be positive and keep people positive in the time of crisis, especially the ones that she creates.

She looks really good in this outfit, but this is the picture captured outside the “Dancing With The Stars” studio. So basically she was caught stealing some time for herself, which the family might argue with. But she managed to keep it a little positive with the dancers on her T-shirt.

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