It is said that images are the best mode of communication, where the words are bound and reality is censored. Somehow such pictures speak more than what is seen. Here’s a compilation of more than 20 such photographs that may change the way you look at life forever.

Sometimes words are not necessary to speak and it’s about that one moment, that one picture, that one visual, that simply shakes your soul forever. Life is a journey and most people know the best but somehow are unable to express their emotions.

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Patriotism or Hypocrisy?

Sixteen inches screen, 89-megapixel camera, and dual lens are the only things that concern us today. Is technology a boon or bate? It will always be a matter of debate, but the situation is on the rear side right now.

This image perfectly depicts the situation today. We are blind to the abuse that is happening to us today, blind to what our soldiers do for our sound sleep but not blind to what’s blinding us.

Born from them till Born for them


The way we shout Mummy! when terribly afraid and, call daddy when in a struggle explains the sacrifice our parents make in order to complete us and keep us covered from ‘life’. A mother gives her flesh and blood and a father gives his young and frolic for the kids to sleep in peace.

This picture accurately explains this fact where the father is filling the incomplete pieces of his son by breaking himself up. Nobody can repay what our parents do for us.

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