People love their pets and it is one of the most adorable things to see the heights that they would go to in order to serve their pets in the way that they deserve. This is the story of a vet who could not believe her eyes when she saw the ultrasound of a pregnant dog.

Looking For A Dog

When Chris and Mariesa were interested in adopting a dog, they looked around in numerous shelters trying to find the dog that they would bring back to their home. Mariesa had promised that she would get only one dog but after looking at the faces of all the sweethearts in the shelters, they were having a hard time making their decision.

Finding The One

While the choice was hard, Mariesa finally laid her eyes on the one dog that was just perfect. This dog approached the couple, licked its paws, and sat in front of them. This was Storie, a heavily pregnant pit bull. However, they began to doubt if they had made the right decision.