Golf is an interesting game, that demands skills and practice. People who play or at least watch golf know that how much time and efforts the game demands. But even after that it’s a fun game, and people really enjoy it.

Though some people enjoy the game there are some who just enjoy watching because of the players, specifically these female players. Some of these girls are not just golf players but could be called models and Instagram influencers as well. Showing off their body on the golf course definitely brings them many followers.

Here are some of the most beautiful and hot female golf players, who are sure to take your breath away.

Who has the rights to put a fine?

Golf is a game, and for what I know these golfers live in Independent countries, then who has the right to decide what they should wear? Basically, there is now a law according to which, if any golf player wears low plunging necklines, they will be fined!

Fitness gear


We have already talked about Zoë Klopfer, one of the hottest golfers, so we know that she is pretty amazing. And here she is wearing one of the fitness gears that she promotes. She looks like a Goddess even in these gears.

No wonder people go nuts for her!

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