Designers have the duty to create something as beautiful and pleasing to the eye as they can. They have the responsibility to create things from a coffee mug to entire buildings. They are given the duty to make something creative, to design beautiful things that are appealing to the eye.

However, on more than one occasion, designers create things that make you laugh out loud and see things that would make your mood lighter.

1: Yumm, humans taste great

Animal photography is one of the greatest arts in the world. Many famous photographers are involved in this work. In the picture above, the designer probably wanted to show the world how much the adorable cub had grown. However, it looks like the tiger in the second picture is way less friendly with the woman than the cub in the first picture.

2: The elders of the church probably have no idea what a clit is, probably never seen one

I guess it is the designer’s job to create something that appeals to the human eye and is properly understood by the human being that sees the thing that is created. However, in this case, the church elders probably thought that the text was not that apparent, and added a cross. But maybe, next time add the cross at a place where it doesn’t look that sexual and provocative?

3: Graduate and kill yourself?

With the amount of unemployment in the world, it is natural to assume that the graduates want to kill themselves. Along with the depression and anxiety of the world, the rate of suicidal tendencies has increased. But to draw a picture calling the future plans of a graduate, suicide – is a gross overstatement of grief isn’t it? Maybe try to go a little more optimistic next time?

4: Is that supposed to be convenient

I guess the whole point of service is the fact that they help you in time. Convenience is the most important factor when it comes to customer services. I would prefer not to run on different floors if I were to get some assistance. The person that did this, however, should receive a news flash that explains as to how it is necessary for a customer to receive help and not to run to different floors to get help.

5: Nothing like a good eye-poke to wake you up

Drowsiness and lethargy of sleep can easily be gotten rid of by a good strong cup of coffee. Caffeine in the morning is just as important for most people as oxygen. Whoever designed this cup, however, needs to have a cup of coffee as well. Anyone waking up in the morning and looking for a good cup of coffee, would not want their eyes poked out by a damn mug of all things!

6: Simply human

Human mistakes many mistakes often. It is alright to make a few mistakes and blunders but to do something this dire is hilarious as well as appalling. This hole placed at the wrong spot can make this box of dustbin look like complete trash – pun intended. An easily corrected blunder, however, but simply hilarious and amusing.

7: Commas save lives, people

It takes the least effort to add a small punctuation mark that would change the complete meaning of a sentence. I’m pretty sure that this person doesn’t want the hunters to hunt pedestrians, but this message sure gives the wrong idea. Let’s eat Grandma, and; let’s eat, Grandma 2.0 if you will. Next time, I’d recommend the person uses proper punctuation and saves us all some dire confusion.

8: He’s still learning

More than once, online artificial intelligence apps say something that creeps us out and sometimes amuses us as well. But the PayPal virtual agent here has some other ideas as to how to provide us with laughs. We all appreciate dark humor, but calling someone’s loss of money “great” is not what I would ideally call the best move. But then again, he is still learning.

9: Better architect the next time?

It is essential to think out of the box when designing the interior of a room, but placing an entire damn box in the middle of the room is not what we meant when we said thinking out of the box was good. All I’m trying to figure out here is how this house’s owner is going to navigate around the house with a huge wall thingy in the middle of the room. I hope they can somehow match it to their aesthetic – or remove it altogether.

10: Soap in a ketchup labeled bottle

We are all guilty of hoarding different bottles and boxes and using them for various mismatched purposes. Chocolate boxes make for great sewing kits and show boxes are amazing for putting in jewelry. But when someone buys a soap dispenser for the bathroom, I’m sure they do not want a bunch of grapes drawn over it. Even if we overlook the grapes, the beautifully written cursive that says “ketchup” is enough of a distraction as well.